Mary M.C. Wetherby, Ph.D has practiced as a psychologist for over 20 years and is located at 6200 Metrowest Blvd, Suite 201, Orlando, Florida. She has been a psychologist in both private practice and hospital settings. Dr. Wetherby has also served as a forensic psychologist in high profile forensic cases.

Dr. Wetherby believes in working with a patient’s strengths to help them with weaknesses. In working with children with autism, she takes an interest or focus of the child and uses this to open up other concepts to them. For children who are anxious about sports, she uses the child’s ability to focus in other areas to increase concentration on the sport instead of fears.

orlando psychologist, Dr Mary Wetherby

orlando psychologist, Dr Mary Wetherby

As an Orlando psychologist, Dr. Wetherby focuses on neuropsychological assessment, counseling, behavior management and social skills. She prefers to engage in diagnosis driven treatment. Once she evaluates a patient, she feels that she knows them well. She then offers “wrap-around” therapies, providing that patient the counseling, social skills training, and behavior management that he or she may need.

The psychology of managing children’s behaviors is one of Dr. Wetherby’s interests. She conducts counseling with both parents and children to help address that child’s particular behavior needs. Dr. Wetherby has developed her own behavior program, the Three Golden Rules ©, and has a DVD which is to be released soon. Keep checking her website for more information!

Many times, children with cognitive problems have social skills problems. Dr. Wetherby counsels children both individually and in a group format about social skills.

Neuropsychological Assessment:

Dr. Wetherby conducts neuropsychological evaluation with children who have problems with learning, memory, and attention. The testing helps determine areas of weaknesses that need further training or accommodations. She provides both diagnosis and counseling of many types of problems and disorders. For additional informaton about neuropsychological assessment in the Orlando Florida area.